The Best Selection in Mississippi

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Balanced, smooth flavors

With our amazing selections, you should expect only the best when it comes to the flavors of our liquor. We enjoy selling these products because they taste good, they feel good and they make a party an amazing, memorable event. We have so much to choose from, you won’t have a problem picking a variety.


If you need help deciding what liquor to pick for your party, just let us know. Our knowledgeable, well trained staff can help you make a decision that will be best for what you want.

Widest selection in North Mississippi!

At La Vino we offer things that other stores wish they had. If you look around and you don’t find something that you want, let us know. We can make sure that it is in our store the next time you come. Our main goal is making sure that you have everything you want for your special occasion.

Available here in our store:

  • Vodka

  • Bourbon

  • Scotch

  • Gin

Row by row and rack by rack, our selection is laid out in a way that makes it easy to find whatever you want.

Depend on us for amazing products.



So much to offer!

Along with offerings listed previously, we also have many other types of liquor available. This includes Rum, Cordials, Cocktails, Non-alcoholic mixers, and more. You can pick from our large selection to have the most phenomenal party around. Your neighbors and friends will love you for shopping here!

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